Light Blue Polyester Glitter



Made in Italy, fine-textured glitters that, when added to a finish with a transparent base, transform a wall into a cascade of light. 


Apply the product with the Spalter brush, taking care to cross brush strokes to achieve an even finish.

One or two coats can be applied according to the desired colour intensity; to achieve stronger light effects we recommend applying two coats.

Available sizes :


The products do not contain substances identified as "PBT" or "vPvB" according to new European regulation

The product complies with the CONEG Regulation (USA) with respect to heavy metals In this glitter :

No ozone-destroying substances are contained 
No animal components are contained 

The polyester film used is complies with the : 
European standard : 90/128/EEC, 92/38/EEC, 93/9/EEC, 95/3/EC, 96/11/EC and 1999/91/EC 
USA standard: "FOOD, DRUG & COSMETIC ACT of 1958" and "FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) 21 CFR 175.1630" 

The epoxy resins are suitable for contact with foods